About the Handbook

The Handbook of Archival Practice will cover 10 major topics. Contributors will select sub-topics from within one or more of those main topics.

AP in the Current EnvironmentRecords Creation & Recordkeeping SystemsAppraisal & AcquisitionArrangement & DescriptionStorage & Preservation
Digital PreservationUser ServicesCommunity Outreach & AdvocacyRisk Management, Security & PrivacyManagement & Administration

Numerous sub-topics, such as Retention Scheduling, Donations and Bequests, Information Governance, and Preservation Metadata can be found under each of the categories on the Proposal Form. You will indicate your preference for a major topic and one or more sub-topics when you complete the proposal application.

To indicate your interest in contributing to The Handbook of Archival Practice, complete the proposal form in Survey Monkey. Proposals will be accepted on a rolling basis. Although the form will be open throughout the project, those who submit successful proposals early will be notified within one month of submission and can begin writing. Completed drafts are due 3 months after notification of proposal acceptance.

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