The Handbook of Archival Practice

Overview of Project (2019-2021)


The outcome of this project will be a handbook covering all aspects of contemporary archival practice–beginning with records creation control through long-term preservation–for managing archival materials in a single publication.  


Aspiring and experienced archivists in English-speaking countries seeking to learn from their peers will benefit from this easy-to-use reference. Professionals in related domains can expand their knowledge-base by referring to specific topics of interest as needed.

Development Process

Archivists and those working in related fields are invited to submit a proposal for inclusion in the Handbook. Those selected will describe an archival practice, provide an example, and submit illustrations where appropriate.

What makes this publication unique?

It will be written by professionals for current and aspiring professionals.

It will reflect the current environment in which we work and include relevant, related topics such as content management systems, social media archiving, digital signatures, cybersecurity, information governance and more.